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The best lock related tips for those who treasure the peace of their home and value their security

Pay attention to lock installation

The best lock is also installed properly. Improper deadbolt installation basically means a dysfunctional deadbolt. Your investment will go to waste and security will be compromised if the installation is bad. So, avoid doing it alone and put your trust in our reliable specialists.

Keep keys away from openings

Most people have a table close to the main entrance where they keep keys but also an open window nearby. A perfect opportunity for thieves! Avoid putting keys in such places and make sure no one can reach from the window to unlock the door from inside.

Get educated about your lock

Know how your lock works. When you are installing a lock in your home or office, make sure to find out how the lock works and what to do if something goes wrong. If there is a booklet on the system, keep one with you.

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