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Why does the strike plate get misaligned often?

Check its screws, which keep it in place. Strike plates usually have two or three screws. If they're rusty or short, they won't keep the strike in one place for long. Replace the screws with longer ones or replace the whole plate. It must have multiple long screws.

What do I do if my keys are stolen?

Key change is the wiser solution. If you simply replace them, you'll achieve nothing. Someone could use the stolen keys to enter the house. If you change the key, lock rekey will also be needed so that nobody will perpetrate your home.

How can I give my kids security tips?

Depending on their age, you must explain with plain words the significance of trusting no one and the value of keys and door locks. You must teach them never to open the door to strangers and explain that the codes you use for your electric security locks and alarms are private.

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